Gretchen, Pretoria, RSA

Dear Pender Team. Many of us are quick to complain when we are not happy with a service, but lax to take the trouble to express satisfaction or even delight at exceptional service. Today, I would like to share my gratitude for your truly unique and brilliant service; I have had the privilege and pleasure to be on the receiving end of. I have been hiring cars from Pender for a number of years now, and not once, has my experience been anything but of the highest standard. From the owners to the manager and every single member of staff, friendliness and efficiency, have been the norm. Furthermore, you have always gone out of your way to accommodate all my requests and came to my assistance and rescue, on numerous occasions (and sometimes in very creative ways).

You have always been utterly professional, yet warm and welcoming- and no request ever too much trouble. I would like to list every occasion where you went beyond the call of duty for me- both from the Pretoria-ánd Cape Town offices), but that would be a lóng list. May I thank you for all of this as well as for setting a wonderful example in every aspect of your business. I wish you all the best. 

Warm regards, GRETCHEN, Pretoria, South Africa