Affordable Long Term Car Rental in South Africa

Long term car rental with Pace Car Rental

When it comes to finding affordable long term car rental, Pace Car Rental is one of South Africa’s trusted names. With branches across South Africa, being able to hire a car for a month or longer is easier and more affordable. Find out why we are the first choice for many happy South Africans.

Why Choose Pace for Your Long Term Car Rental?

There are several reasons why it is better to rent a car on a long term basis:

  • It’s a cheaper and safer alternative to public transport. Pace Car Rental ensures that all their vehicles are thoroughly sanitized before you, the customer, take delivery of your vehicle.
  • You save more. When you rent a car for a month, you save more on your daily rate.
  • You have a wider choice. Not only do you save more when you choose long term car rental, but unlike public transport you can actually choose what car you want to drive.
  • Pace Car Rental offers you more flexible terms. With easy car rental requirements, getting on the road is more efficient when you choose Pace.
  • Even though you are renting a car for a month or longer, you don’t have to worry about depreciation costs.
  • Long term car rental is a great option if you are looking to provide your staff with a safe and reliable mode of travel.
  • When you use public transport, you are a number. When you rent from Pace Car Rental, you are a valued member of the Pace family, which means that we go the extra mile to provide you with the best customer service experience we can!

Looking for Long Term Car Rental that is Near You?

Pace Car Rental has branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban. Find the right long term car rental deal near you today:

For affordable long term car rental in South Africa, choose Pace Car Rental and find out why we are the number one choice for many happy South Africans.